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Ms. Rosanna Tse一直對擁有數千年歷史的「中國傳統風水命理文化」抱有濃厚的學趣,而且一向本著客觀及反覆驗證的態度,去研究這門中國人獨有的傳統科學。


香港玄空星相研究中心(紐約分會)於2012年正式成立,而Rosanna 更被委任為『(紐約分會)總幹事)』,本會成立的目的乃秉承鍾亦禮師傅的理念,以發揚玄學術數理論為宗旨,並摒除當中的迷信及誤解成份,把其精密的中心理念推而廣之、流傳千古。

Ms. Rosanna Tse has always been interested in the ancient studies of Chinese fengshui and numerology. Not only is she eager to learn more, but she treats this unique traditional Chinese metaphysics culture with an objective and experimental approach.

With a twist of fate, Rosanna encountered Master Chung in Hong Kong, the president of Hong Kong Metaphysics and Astrology Center. She has since comprehensively studied “Xuan Kong (time/space) Flying Star Fengshui”, “Xuan Kong (time/space) Grand Trigrams“, “Plum Blossom Trigrams Divination”, “ Face Reading” “Date Picking” and “Eight Words Numerology”. She persistently continues to practically apply her studies to test the theories of metaphysics and numerology.

The New York Branch of Hong Kong Metaphysics and Astrology Center was officially established in 2012, where she currently resides as the officer. The purpose of this branch is to follow the same metaphysic philosophies taught by Master Chung to eliminate any superstitions and stigmas attached to the studies and to spread the ancient Chinese metaphysics teachings, concepts and philosophies.