Directions and Locations 方向及位置

作者 : Rosanna

Location of directions


People always ask about how to make their wealth flourish, how to establish better interpersonal relationships, and how to set up fengshui arrangements to make those things happen.  According to Xuan Kong Fengshui, auspicious and inauspicious directions change annually.  These directions can be found by using annual flying stars technique in the Xuan Kong system.  By understanding each star’s characteristics, you can setup fengshui arrangements accurately.


It is important to know about compass directions and how to find out the 9 directional chambers in any specified premise.  First of all, an accurate and well-made compass is needed.  By standing in the middle of the premises, determine North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest, summing total 8 directions. Separate these into 8 directional chambers plus one in the center, the middle chamber, amounting to a grand total of 9 chambers.  When combine the directions with the floor plan of the premises can create the sample diagram as follow.





常被人問及怎可旺財, 增強人際關係, 催旺桃花,以及風水擺設等問題.  根據玄空飛星的系統中, 所有吉與兇的方位, 每年都會轉動一次.  這些方位可運用流年飛星的方法找出.  當然要清楚瞭解每星的特性才可作準確的風水佈局.


另外亦要利用精製, 準確的指南針.  然後站在室內的中間位罝, 找出東,,西,,東南,東北,西南,西北八個方位, 加上中間的一個. 便可劃分出一共9個方位, 玄學上稱之為九宮.


確定了方向和位置, 再配合樓層的平面圖, 便可劃出以下例子的方位分缐圖.