Sickness 二黑病位

作者 : Rosanna


Southwest: sickness

Everyone wants to be healthy and stay veer off sickness. Having a healthy body is the key to success. Therefore, it is important to defuse the sickness area.

2013 Year of Snake, star of sickness falls on the southwest area. If the main door, kitchen or bedroom falls in these areas, have higher chances to have abdominal disease, especially for women.  By using brass wooloo ( picture shown as below), old coins, chimes, metal decorations, white, gold, silver colors can solve or mitigate the power of this star.

Avoid daily activities in the area, keep it calm and still if possible. Avoid plants, candles, fire, red, pink, orange, purple colors.


坤宮, 西南

每個人都想遠離疾病,擁有健康. 健康亦是成功的主要條件之一. 所以化病在風水佈局上亦十分重要.

2013 蛇年, 二黑疾病位在西南方. 如家中的大門,廚房或睡房在此方位, 應加以留意, 尤其對宅中的婦女及腸胃腹部方面的疾病影嚮較大. 此處宜靜不宜動, 化解及減輕此病星, 可安放銅葫蘆, 銅錢, 金鐲鈴聲, 金屬擺設, ,,銀色亦可. 忌植物, 蠟燭, , , 紫等鮮艶顏色.