Theft 七赤破財

作者 : Rosanna

West: Theft

During 2013, the Year of  Snake, the theft star arrives on the West. This particular theft star will bring robbery,  litigation and lawsuit which all result with losing money.  It can bring injury or wound cause by sharpened metals as well.  The theft star belongs to the element of metal, and it is also known as subsidiary money star.   Even though it has the content of money, we do not flourish it, and instead we weaken it. Therefore we use water to diminish its inauspicious functions and turn it into auspicious.


西: 賊劫

2013 破軍賊劫星臨於西方.  此星可帶來盜竊, 官非, 訴訟, 被金屬利器所傷而招至破財損失. 此星五行屬金, 是過氣財星,  亦被稱為偏財星,  對偏門事業較為有利.

雖然如此, 但我們不用生旺, 而用洩其金氣的方法,  即利用水來化掉不祥的破財賊劫並提高其偏財作用.