Power 六白武曲

作者 : Rosanna

NW: Administration Power

This particular star falls in NW chamber of the premises in Year of Snake. This star benefits job related to technical work, mechanics, military , discipline, labor and travel. As long as it is not a civilian position, you should take advantage of this star by using eight pieces of rock or ceramic decorations to boost up your power, promotion and leadership.  Even water, metal arrangements can help to increase luck in these areas. Avoid fire, candle and red, pink or purple colors in this area.


乾宮: 西北: 權力管理

2013, 武曲星臨於西北方位, 此星有利於勞動, 走動, 技術, 權力及管理性的工作.

除文職之外, 都可利用此星作催旺事業. 雖然武曲星已過氣,但仍是吉兇參半. 如宅中有人當紀律部隊, 裝修三行, 科技技工, 執行管理等可用石頭, 陶瓷擺設催旺, 或用水及金屬(除七金外)亦可. 忌見火, 如火爐, 蠟燭, ,橙及紫色.