Relationship 一白桃花

作者 : Rosanna

N: Interpersonal Relationships

This particular star falls on the North chamber in 2013, and it is related to interpersonal relationships, popularity and love relationship. Nowadays, success relies on relationships and making connections with people, especially for those involved in sales, traders and entertainment.  In order to become popular or famous, and even to  improve social skills or romantic relationships, boosting this star can be very beneficial.

Therefore, place a water plant, fresh floral arrangement, or just simply a pot of water to benefit all of above.


坎宮 : 人緣, 桃花

今年2013桃花星飛臨北方,  此星對人緣, 人際關係, 甚至男女關係都有一定的影響.

在現今社會, 人緣是成功的因素之一.   所以催旺此桃花, 對於從事 銷售, 貿易, 娛樂, 公關, 以及想得到浪漫愛情都有一定的助力. 催旺此星的方法是利用水種植物, 花卉或清水擺放於此宮位內.