Fortune 八白財星

作者 : Rosanna

NE: Fortune

This is the star that everybody likes.  Every year when people ask about the stars from a Fengshui perspective, “ Where is the money star this year?” is typically the first concern.  People normally have the misconception that this star is only good for money, but in addition to money, this star is also related to luck, health and fortune.  Since this fortune star falls in the NE in 2013, make this area as active as possible to boost the luck.  For example, placing a fish tank, water fountain, water plant , or even a bowl of fresh clean water will do.  In case your NE area is inconvenient to place water, such as a bed of major walkway,  use red, pink, orange and purple bedding accessories, area rugs, or fire related images and colors for wall hangings and decorations.


艮宮: 東北 財星

一講起財星, 一般人都會較為興奮. 通常每年一講起風水, 第一個問題十居其九都問今年財位在那裡?”  可想而知錢財在現今社會是十分重要. 這粒在玄學上稱為八白左輔星, 是正值的當運星,  不單對錢財, 其實對整體運氣都有一定的影響力. 當整體運氣提升了, 錢銀當然亦會隨之而有所增長. 既然此一重要運星在2013年飛到東北方位, 我們當然要盡量利用此方位及使之有動象.  催旺方法是擺放魚缸, 流水擺設, 水種植物或潔淨清水.  如財位落於不方便擺水的位置, 如睡床, 主要通道等, 可用紅, 粉紅, , 紫色的床上用品或地毯. 牆上亦可掛上屬火的掛畫或飾物