Quarrels 三碧是非星

作者 : Rosanna

East: Quarrels

People dislike accused falsely, cussed at and gossiped about.  This particular star falls on the East in 2013 and can present all these features.  In extreme cases, it can result as litigation.  Since this star belongs to the wood element, the best way to diminish it is to use the fire element.  Therefore, if the East section belongs to the kitchen, TV, computer or other electronic devices, this can weaken this star’s power.  Or use candles, red, pink, purple and orange carpets or wall hangings to resolve it.



:  是非 爭鬥

人們都害怕背後有是非, 閒言閒語, 猜疑, 誣陷等事. 今年2013,三碧是非星 飛往東方, 在這一帶地方, 它除了帶給以上所説的勞氣事情外, 嚴重起來會導至官非訴訟, 甚至傷身. 三碧本身五行屬木, 要洩其氣, 可用屬火的元素, 如火爐, 臘燭, 電器等.  如單位中的廚房, 電視, 電腦的位置, 正處於東方, 亦會自行減弱. 其次可用紅,粉紅,紫及橙色的地毯或屬火的擺設及掛畫把是非星化洩.