Study 文昌星

作者 : Rosanna

SE: Study

People who are still in school want to get great grades on all tests and exams.  People who manage paperwork and documents want every single word to be written down clearly and accurately without discrepancy.

In 2013, the study star lands in the SE, which can help studying, writing and testing.

Paper work such as documents, contracts, and signing agreements can also benefit from this star.  Therefore, besides students, writers and scholars, this star is also an advantage for those with careers such as accountants and lawyers.  

The study star belongs to the element of wood, and wood needs water to boost its effect. Four stalks of bamboo, other green water-based plants, or just simply a bowl of clear clean water. Besides, black, grey, blue, green, streak or long strip designs can be used as flourishing arrangements.


震宮: 東南: 文昌

讀書人希望有好成績, 考試合格. 負責文件紙張的人, 希望字字準確, 沒有出錯.

今年2013文昌星飛往東南方,  此星特別有利讀書寫作, 任何執筆為生者如學生, 學者, 文人, 作家等,  此文昌星能給他們提供一定的助力.  除此以外, 從事有闗文件, 文筆, 契約, 合同工作, 如侓師, 會計師等亦適宜利用此星的特性.

這星五行屬木, 須要水,木來生旺扶持.  故今年可在辨公室, 宅中或書桌上的東南位放置四枝水種文昌竹, 大葉水種植物或一杯清水.  除此以外,  , 灰, , 綠色及長高形, 條紋設計的物件亦可.