Jubilant 喜慶

作者 : Rosanna

South: Jubilant

There is a star deemed the  “ happy star ” which signifies celebrations.  During the Year of Snake 2013, it resides in the south.  Whenever I mention this star, most people immediately think of marriage and pregnancy.  However, marriage and raising a family are not the current generation’s main priority.  Furthermore,  those who are already married and have enough children might think this star’s power is not necessary anymore.

Ever so, this star represents beyond the traditional causes of celebration.  This star stands for joy,  jubilation  and celebration. Therefore, promotions, salary raises,  better job opportunities,  college acceptances, winning awards and other calls for celebration are all affected by this star.  Also, since it is an upcoming fortune star, there is no harm to boost it up.

This star belong to the element of fire and needs wood and fire to help increase its energy and power. Therefore, we use soil-based  large leaved plants and  green, red, pink, orange, purple ornaments, wall hangings or carpets  arranged in the South section of the premises.



離宮: : 喜慶

癸巳蛇年2013, 喜慶星位於南方.  一提到喜慶, 一般人即聯想到結婚, 生兒育女.  然而, 這個年代, 結婚生小孩已不是現代年青人首選的事情. 或許那些已結了婚, 生夠了小孩的人來説, 更認為喜慶星是與我無關了.

喜慶星從字面上簡介是歡喜及慶祝. 無錯, 結婚生小孩是喜慶,  一定須要利用此星的力量.  但除此以外, 我們還有很多值得我們歡喜及要慶祝的事情, 如升職, 加薪, 轉理想的工作,  考上期望的學校, 獲得獎項..…..總之一切值得我們高興及要祝賀的事情, 這星亦能幫得上忙.

這九紫右弼星是進氣未來運星. 催旺亦屬合理正當, 並無不利.

此星五行屬火, 要用木, 火將之扶助及增強其力量. 所以此方可擺放泥種大葉植物, , , , , 紫色的擺設, 掛畫及地毯